Gravel for the

NEW School in the Dunkirk Camp  


Has one particular person ever left a lasting memory?

Has someone inspired you in a way you can't describe?


I have come across many different people during the years, but this experience really stood out...


I had the pleasure of meeting a young “lady” who is 11 years old.

She is a very inspiring person and she has done something remarkable.


Her passion is to play piano and she enjoys performing in public. Now, in order for her to practice, she came up with the idea to invite friends and neighbours over and entertain them with music. 


To make it more interesting and to give it a wider meaning, she asked the audience to make donations to support the refuges on the boarders of Great Britain.


In my opinion, this is remarkable for an 11 year old girl to show such courage and heart felt energy.

Her Mother has asked me to put the donations towards my next trip to Calais. This was an amazing £65!


I thought to use this donation for a specific project...


A new camp has been built in Dunkirk to improve the conditions for the refugees.

This is amazing! It has made a great improvement from the mud camp that existed previously. 


In the new camp people from Brighton have built a school for children.  

A Teacher from Cambridge is spending uncountable hours to organize classes and to teach. 

This is remarkable and heart-warming, to see the humanity come from within; Human to Human.

In my opinion, this is what we describe as giving “unconditional love”.


Now, the ground around the school is filled up with large rocks and very sharp stones. It's not easy to walk, run or play without getting hurt.

Think of how safe schools are in your home town. The hygiene conditions in a refugee camp are not as well as we know them from home. We need to help those less privileged than us. Every child has the right to have a safe education. 


This new projects aims to fill up the area around the New School in the camp with fine gravel to make it safer for the children!


This project will cost around £500.


A 11 year old Girl has raised £65, and with Give Humanity a Chance doubling that amount (and a little extra) we are currently sitting at £450- thanks to donations from our recent Garden Party. 








Could you support this new project and help children in the refugee camp have a safer education?


Please, help us to make this happen.


Many Thanks,





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