...to provide basic help to Refugees in Calais/Dunkirke

  Refugees in Calais
An estimated number of  around 10 000 people in November 2015.
Refugees coming from:
Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Eritrea and Sudan. These are families, children, men and women much alike you and I who, through no fault of their own- have become victims of war. 
 ... in need of food 
It's not so easy to feed this amount of people. There are small make shift kitchens at the camps, organized by volunteers, where some warm food is sometimes given out- but it is not enough.  People who have some pots, are cooking on open fire and on donated camping cookers. 
Rice, bread, vegetables, seeds, canned goods, cooking oil, salt, sugar, spices, and whatever you can think of would be appreciated in donations!
...in need of housing, tents and caravans 

When the Refugees arrive, they have nothing apart from what they are wearing  and what they can carry. They are in urgent need of shelter:
Tents, caravans, any kind of structured shelter.
 ... in need of clothing
This is a big issue. The conditions at the camps aren't as we would describe as ideal. It's wet, muddy and cold and the refugees have little to no clothing available. 
Weather proof clothing and shoes would be greatly appreciated in donations!
 ... in need of toiletries 
To keep clean and healthy is not so easy under such terrible living conditions.
Soap, shampoo, washing powder/liquid, disposable razors, nail clippers, Sanitary Pads & Towels-Feminine Care are things we take for granted but are desperately needed by refugees!
 ... in need of light and heating materials 
At night, it is very dark and cold. Also cooking without fire can be quite challenging!
Candles/Latern's, Torches with Batteries, Gas Cylinders to Cook, Fire wood would be appreciated!

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Donations are appreciated in all forms, whether it be financial, clothing, food or toiletries. More importantly, help us get the word out and share this page!