...Ok, This is urgent,

Winter has arrived in the Refugee camp in Lebanon. Children are freezing, because there running around in summer dresses. Little feet get cold in the snow.


I am sure if we all do a bit we can do it and get warm Children Cloth on the way to Lebanon within the next 30 days 

Can I count with your support?

  Refugees in Lebanon, Beqaa Valley
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 ... in need of food 
It's not so easy to feed this amount of people. There are some kind of kitchens where Voluntaries cooking and handing out at least some warm food. People who have some pots are cooking on open fire and on donated camping cookers. 
Rice, bread, potatoes, carrots, cooking oil, salt, sugar, spices, and whatever you can think off.
Some chocolate for children; I am sure you will get a bright smile in return.
 ... in need of cosmetic 
To keep clean and healthy is not so easy under thatch terrible living condition.
Soap, shampoo, washing powder/liquid, one way shavers, nail clippers, Sanitary Pads & Towels-Feminine Care, 
 ... in need of light and heating material 
At night its dark and cold. Also cooking without fire can be a bit challenging.
Candles/Latern's, Torches with Batteries, Gas Cylinders to Cook, Fire wood