1916 to 2016  

100 Years

In The Use Of Gas

Against Humanity

100 years of glory, in the use of Gas against Humanity.


My Dear Friends, 

Please read the message below and see if you can donate a few pounds towards this fundraising .

It is absolutley shocking that in 2016 we have to hand out Gas Masks again to protect vulnerable people. 

I have been asked by a long term volunteer and friend who lives onsite at the jungle to please bring with me some masks and fire extinguishers.
She lives and works in the caravan area that we created for families, and is concerned that the CRS are causing fires by firing lots of tear gas canisters indiscriminately into the family areas.

Also many young children have been hospitalised because of respiratory problems due to tear-gas inhalation.

On Amazon I have found :



I am going to order some, in the hopes that my efforts can help those in vulnerable positions.


If you would like to contribute, please message me and I can order and deliver on your behalf too.

Or, alternatively- you can Donate with a message!


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