Humanity is at a loss, more and more each day.  
  We are here to support and offer basic needs to people who need it most. 
  It doesn't matter who you are or where you're from, you have the ability to stand with us and give humanity a chance... 

The issue in Calais is a serious part of the migration crisis in Europe. We have a migration crisis because thousands of people are displaced from war-torn countries.


If your country was being torn apart by war and your life was at risk every day, would you flee in the hopes of a better life?


Since November 2015 an estimated number of 10,000 people have taken refuge in a small camp in Calais. These are people fleeing Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Ethiopia & Sudan.


When the Refugees arrive, they have nothing apart from what they are wearing and what they can carry. They are in urgent need of shelter, clothing & food- the basic necessities that we take for granted!

We are 100% volunteer based, so in order for us to help them, we need help from you!


Donations are greatly appreciated! So please don't throw away your old things...why not donate them to people in need?






To find out more about what you can donate, send us a message or visit our Facebook page!





This initiative has been created to provide help and support to people in desperate need.
Aid should be given to those in need, regardless of ones origin, colour, gender, religion or political view.
Change is made by humans working together in unity. Love for humanity conquers ALL. 

Ulf Jarisch, 48 

 Hi, I am Ulf. Born in former East Germany near Dresden. I used to live in Brunswick before I moved to England in 1997. 

I need your HELP! Educate yourself on this topic and let's together, support those people in need.

Please read into the projects we are running and then decide what's closest to your heart and show your support in any way you can!

We are all human and we all share the same planet. 

Only together we can do it."

Dunkirk Refugee Camp

  Beqaa Valley, Lebanon

I am in one of the Refugee Camps on the Cost of England.

Refugees live here in unbelievable conditions. Mud, mud, mud. There is a desperate need to get shelter, food, and clothing. 

These conditions are appalling and all we want is a good life. Please understand, this camp is not a festival. It is not fun. You cannot shower, or drink, or dance to music.

This is the reality for people who have escaped from war and terror.

This is not right and we need to support them. 

Snow is falling, All around me, Children playing, Having fun. It's the season, Love and understanding..."


This is a translated song and the harsh reality is that children in the Beqaa Valley are in a Refugee Camp trying to survive the brutal Winter in Summer Clothes. This is a humanitarian disaster. 

All they need is warm clothes.

Can you spare to clothe a child in need by a simple donation?